Greek Capitulation

The upside? The episode illustrated to the uninitiated the inherent weaknesses of the euro, how power politics plays out in the united Europe, and how democracy has and will continue to take a back seat for the union’s ‘greater good’.

Off Season: Syros Notebook II

Armeos Beach, Syros, November 2008

Last Tuesday, The Guardian reported that the incoming president of The Maldives will implement a plan through which a portion of the Islands’ tourism revenue will be diverted into a fund set aside for the purchase of a new homeland should the archipelago disappear because of global warming. The threat is obvious, real, and immediate.… Continue reading Off Season: Syros Notebook II

Cats, Sick Bags and Paradise: Syros Notebook

Ermoupoli, Syros, Greece — During a ride from Athens Airport to Mati, near Marathon, on Friday, I passed by several smallish packs of what appeared to be wild dogs. They were roaming aimlessly and lazily, on small patches of land, ignored plots of overgrown grass and dry brush that apparently double as informal garbage dumps,… Continue reading Cats, Sick Bags and Paradise: Syros Notebook