A Quiet Street, Bratislava

Farská Street, Bratislava

It was just after seven on a Sunday evening. Voices of a nearby crowd carried on the gentle breeze, yet this small cobblestone street, with Bratislava castle peeking right back at me, was perfectly, beautifully empty. Today’s Pic du Jour, the 196th (!) straight, was snapped on Farská Street in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 22 June… Continue reading A Quiet Street, Bratislava

Bratislava Posters, June 2014

If you’re planning to pass through Bratislava, Slovakia’s charming little capital, in the mid- or late summer, here’s a small collection of things you may want to check out. And a few you may have just missed, included for posterity’s sake. Just because I liked the designs.

Bratislava, 7pm to 8

More specifically, the podjazd, or underpass, leading to Sedlarska street in Bratislava’s old town, during the 7 o’clock hour on Sunday 22 June. This is the sixth selection for the 1 Day 1 World Project started by Lisa who blogs at Northwest Frame of Mind. The idea is to illustrate a ’typical’ hour each week… Continue reading Bratislava, 7pm to 8

25-Second Cheap Hotel Adviser – Apartments Presidential Palace, Bratislava

Just a ten-minute walk from the main train station to the north and a ten-minute stroll from the old town’s central square to the south, The Apartments Presidential Palace rank high for convenience if you plan to hoof it during your stay in the Slovak capital. The pictures say pretty much all that needs to… Continue reading 25-Second Cheap Hotel Adviser – Apartments Presidential Palace, Bratislava