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PiranCafé.com is committed to protecting your privacy. You can access PiranCafé.com and browse the site without disclosing any personal data. PiranCafé.com does not collect any personal information unless it is knowingly provided by the individual. Under no circumstances will PiranCafé.com sell, rent or trade any information that visitors of the site or newsletter subscribers provide.


Unless explicitly indicated in the article or post, all items or services reviewed on PiranCafé.com were bought and paid for by me. At the moment I do not publish sponsored posts or advertorials on PiranCafé.com.

About Piran Café’s hotel scores and reviews

Accommodation reviews published here are determined primarily with budget travelers in mind. Accordingly, any assessment is based first and foremost on value for money. There’s no other way to compare a $15 per night room with one that costs $150 or more. When I travel, I generally book single or double accommodations in one, two or three star hotels, generally considered tourist class. With few exceptions those are the hotels that will be reviewed here.


In the interest of full transparency, Piran Café publishes a monthly or bi-monthly report that outlines the website’s growth, its site traffic and statistics on the site’s presence on various social media channels. Those reports are published in the site’s ‘Blogging’ section.


To help Piran Café grow and cover a portion of its operating costs, I use affiliate links with a select group of retailers and service providers. When you shop through one of the links provided, Piran Café will earn a small commission from all products or services you purchase during that visit. The links provided are coded to designate that you, as a shopper on that particular visit, came from PiranCafé.com. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

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