Piran Cafe’s Wine Tasting Notes, Reviews and Samples Policy

Movia Lunar 2013I love wine. I love tasting it even more. And even more than that, I love recommending new wine discoveries to my readers and friends.

What wines will you find reviewed here?

While I’ll note and review wines from around the world, the primary goal of the Piran Café Wine Hub is to gradually build what I hope will become the largest English language database of notes and news on wines from Slovenia and the immediate region. As I’m based in Slovenia and have roots here, first and foremost, my aim is to help provide a starting point for those interested in exploring the dynamic but vastly undiscovered Slovenian wine landscape. And while doing so, to share the stories behind the winemakers and their wines.

My interest in noting the regional similarities and differences is important. So that first tier will be supplemented with wines from elsewhere in this part of central Europe, which means, generally speaking, the following areas: Croatia, northeast Italy (Friuli, Veneto and Alto Adige), Austria, Hungary, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria.

How do the ratings work?

It’s simple. Wines mentioned on Piran Café, either in brief collective notes or longer solo reviews, are ones I like and recommend. I wouldn’t waste time or space writing about them and sharing them if I didn’t.

While I understand and appreciate the value and direction that number systems provide, I won’t assign points or grades. In the most objective hands, those are still subjective. 

My recommendations stem from my experiences working in the trade as an importer and distributor — and simply studying and tasting lots of wine. That stretches back nearly 30 years in general terms, and almost 25 years specifically with wines from Slovenia. There’s a lot of wine being produced here, an increasing amount of it at a very high standard. But some not. My goal is not to declare winners and losers, but to provide direction to those interested in exploring Slovenia’s wines more deeply.

Price is a factor and will always be listed (local retail in Slovenia), but with so many variables considered before a wine is priced, it’s not a determining one. That said, value is an important consideration.


Most of the wines I try and sample are ones I purchase at retail, in wine bars, or taste during winery visits or at various tasting events.

Although I don’t solicit them, I’m happy to accept and receive samples from wineries, distributors or other merchants. While all will be tasted –usually grouped with other same or similar varietals, styles or areas and often in the company of others– I can’t guarantee that all will be noted with published reviews. Those that I like and can recommend will be, and those posts, usually ranging from 200-400 words, will be shared with my growing network of followers on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterPinterest and Google+.

For delivery details, please get in touch.

And finally, to be clear: I have no financial interest in any winery, wine shop, or merchant. I do not accept advertising from individual wineries, wine shops, grower associations or merchants. Further, in its 11-plus years on the web, Piran Café has never solicited or accepted sponsored posts or paid reviews. That won’t change.

Questions? Again, get in touch.

Thanks for reading,
Ljubljana, Slovenia