Social Media and Commenting Policy


DJ Lu - Rain
DJ Lu – Rain, Bogota, June 2016

I welcome and encourage discussion and debate. On issues that are more controversial, the ultimate goal is conversation.

Can you be passionate in your comments? Sure. Funny? Hell yeah. So long as you remain civil and informative, and add to the conversation.

Debate. My goal isn’t to build and live in an echo chamber. Feel free to argue, converse and challenge.

You’re welcome to drop a link or two to support a point or claim or add to a discussion. But never use more than three because Akismet, which I use to control spam, will direct your comment to spam hell. And since Akismet generally works pretty well, I don’t spend a lot of time fishing through my spam folder and likely won’t find your comment until well after the fact, if at all.


  • In my life offline and on I have zero tolerance for hate speech and racism. Comments expressing either will be deleted and your IP will be blocked. There are other corners of the internet for you to hang out in.
  • Rude or offensive language and behavior. Towards the subject you’re commenting on, towards other visitors and commenters, towards your host (me).
  • Shameless self-promotion. I often welcome and even solicit readers and visitors to drop relevant links from their own blogs or sites. But don’t take advantage of that.
  • Not reading the post you’re commenting on. That’s very embarrassing to you for having done it, but much less embarrassing to me for having to point it out.
  • One or two-word comments that stray or otherwise add nothing to the conversation will be deleted.
  • Bear in mind that commenting anywhere off of your own back yard is a privilege, not a right. The final word on what goes and what’s acceptable is mine alone.

Note to bloggers: If you visit and comment here, I’ll make a point to visit yours, too. A Piran Café blogging promise.

Social Media

It should go without saying but sometimes reminders are in order: I follow accounts that I generally find of interest. I like to think that’s why people follow mine. I generally don’t and won’t play like-for-like, follow-for-follow, or follow/unfollow games.

And a few more specifics:


  • Piran Cafe’s Facebook page. Comment policy? See above. Soliciting/trading likes? See above.
  • Personal account. I don’t accept every friend request I receive. You shouldn’t either. No hard feelings.
  • No unsolicited calls via Facebook/Messenger phone. I won’t answer.


  • I have two accounts and I don’t follow everyone back. With a few dozen fake accounts, marketers and spammers playing follow/unfollow games every day the numbers are simply too high to check regularly. When I have the time, I do check out new followers’ accounts. My interests are wide-ranging; if you spark an interest, I’m happy to follow back.
  • No DMs please; I rarely check.


  • I’m most selective with Instagram. As a photographer myself, I want a feed that inspires, challenges and informs. I mostly follow creative coops/agencies and their members, photojournalists, documentary and street photographers. I rarely follow ‘professional’ travel and lifestyle bloggers and grammers. There’s no room for motivational meme graphics in my feed, one that doubles as a selfie-free zone.

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