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I’m delighted to make some of my original stories and posts available for republication on-line, free of charge. A list of available stories is below. Check back frequently for updates.

Before you proceed, you’ll need to agree to a few few simple rules, all of which apply*:

  • Stories must be credited. The preferred format is:

by Bob Ramsak | Date

If your site requires a different style, please get in touch. I’m sure we’ll come up with a mutually acceptable format.

  • Stories cannot be edited or cut. Minor modifications, to indicate changes in time or place for example, are okay.
  • Any links that are included in the story must remain. All are included for informational purposes only,  usually as citations or sources. These are important to add credibility and to provide additional background information to stories. Additionally, each article includes one link to to indicate where the story originated and another to to indicate the author. No strictly commercial links —sales, affiliate marketing, paid-for “sponsored” links, etc.— are ever included in my stories.
  • The stories cannot be sold. Likewise ads cannot be solicited based solely on the stories’ subject matter.
  • Photo availability varies from story to story; if the photos are mine, I generally allow personal blogs and strictly not-for-profit sites to download and use one image to illustrate the story –download links to these are included in the story list below. Here too a separate credit (photo by Bob Ramsak, republished with permission) is mandatory.
  • And finally, a quick email to bob [at] pirancafe [dot] com to let me know you’ve published the story will be appreciated.

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Next to each story you’ll find a “text to copy” option. When you click that a text-only file, which includes simple formatting, will appear in a new tab. Copy all the text and paste it into your publishing system. In WordPress, simply paste the text into the body of the post in the “text view”.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments or suggestions.

* Most adapted from ProPublica.
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