Oslo City Hall

If you’ve already watched Barack Obama’s Nobel acceptance speech today (if you haven’t, at least give it a read), you probably caught at least a glimpse or two of Oslo’s stunning City Hall. I attend an event there each summer, and can’t ever get enough. At first glance, it’s not an inspired piece of architecture… Continue reading Oslo City Hall

U.S. Election reception, Ljubljana

A few shots from a U.S. Election reception hosted by the U.S. Embassy at the Hotel Union in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on Tuesday night. Above a life-size Obama cut-out. Foreshadowing? The expression on the McCain cut-out. Yousif B. Ghafari, U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia. Katarina Kresal, president of Slovenia’s LDS party. The last picture of Sarah Palin… Continue reading U.S. Election reception, Ljubljana