Footbridge, Ljubljana Moors

A lonely footbridge at Ljubljana Moors Regional Park, Slovenia, snapped the same day I was trying to chase wildlife in Europe’s southernmost wetland. ~~ For the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,145th straight, was snapped on 17 February 2017.   Share!

Ljubljana, in Eight Grainy Photos

View of northern Ljubljana towards the Kamnik Alps

On Friday I reported from Ljubljana’s War-Free Zone that I recently shot my second roll of film in two months –and the second in ten-plus years. Here are the highlights from the rest of the roll which turned out to be an impromptu if unconventional tour of the Slovenian capital and its immediate environs taken… Continue reading Ljubljana, in Eight Grainy Photos

13 images from Slovenia’s Iška River Gorge

Here are 13 images from Iški vintgar, or the Iška River Gorge, which is located about 21 kilometers south of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. Set near the southeastern corner of the Ljubljana Moors, Europe’s southernmost wetlands, the gorge is a popular summertime weekend retreat for Ljubljana-ites yet it generally remains quiet and uncrowded during the spring… Continue reading 13 images from Slovenia’s Iška River Gorge

Out and About Daily ~ For January 6, 2014

While family and friends coped with record sub-zero temperatures in North America, I spent Ljubljana’s first sunny afternoon of the year on a 30km bike ride around the Ljubljana Moors. Temperatures here, not far from the shadows of the southern Alps, topped 10 C (51 F). Unseasonable is one word for it.

Austerity and Parklands – Ljubljana Moors, III

These were taken during a quick early evening bike ride around part of Ljubljana‘s Moors, or Barje Regional Park. I really liked the way the light hit the scene above. Yesterday the news daily Delo published a breakdown of budgets –and budget cuts– for Slovenia’s nine national and regional parks: in 2011 the budget was… Continue reading Austerity and Parklands – Ljubljana Moors, III