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Salamiad 2012

Today's LJ Pic of the Day is another call to action if you happen to be in Ljubljana tomorrow, happen to not have afternoon plans, and happen to not be a vegetarian.

LJ Pic of the Day – Friday 13 April

Today's Ljubljana pic is a little something for Friday the 13th, taken in the old town center last week. Just pretend that the gentleman is walking towards the light, not away from it, and everything will be just fine.

LJ Pic of the Day

This was taken about two weeks ago in the central Prešeren Square. They were playing the Theme from the Godfather on two of my favorite instruments. I had an accordion forced upon me at an early age - I wanted to play the guitar and…

DICAPac WP-S10 waterproof housing test run

That's what a foam seahorse, courtesy of the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, looks like when shot underwater in my bathtub. Great smile, no? That was the best I could come up with on short notice to test drive the DICAPac WP-10 SLR waterproof…


Crappy connection back from Oslo today. I managed the 28 minute transit in Munich with a few minutes to spare, but my luggage didn't. Annual visit to Oslo means an annual visit to this sculpture, Utkast, by Kåre Groven at Oslo Gardermoen…

Slovenian wine notebook

Actually, not really. But hopefully this pic taken yesterday in a friend's cellar will act as reminder to catch up with a small stack of tasting notes assembled in recent weeks. This cellar is in the village of Vodol, near Maribor. I was…

LJ Pic of the Day

This sculpture of a woman with very large hands can be found in the sprawling area around Ljubljana's old tobacco factory, which these days serves as, among other things, one of the city's main bureaucratic centers. By the way, my limited…

LJ Pic of the Day

Now showing on the Tivoli Park promenade: The First 100 Years of the Society for Cave Exploration Ljubljana. I had no idea such a group existed.