Ptujska Klet, Pullus Laski Riesling, 2012. That’s the winner in the Sweet wine over £15 category at this year’s International Trophy winner in Decanter World Wine Awards.

With just 35 awarded, the top category prize from the UK magazine is a big deal for winery; for Slovenia in general, it’s huge.

Decanter World Wine Awards regional chair for Eastern and Central Europe, Caroline Gilby MW, said, ‘It’s a real achievement for a tiny country like Slovenia to win this trophy ahead of so many countries that are more famous for their sweet wines. And while sweet wine is pretty small in production terms for Slovenia, it definitely punches above its weight in quality – because it has both great terroir and a passionate new generation of winemakers.’

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That was one of 32 Slovenian wines to win medals at this year’s competition, four of them gold 10 silver and 17 bronze. The others, listed alphabetically by region, with district (if applicable):

  • Gold:
    Bjana Cuvée Prestige 2010, Primorska, Brda
    Marjan Simčič Leonardo (White Blend) 2009, Primorska, Brda
    Mavretic Sauvignon Icewine 2011, Posavje, Bela Krajina
    Ptujska klet Pullus, Rumeni Muskat 2011, Podravje, Štajerska
  • Silver:
    Bjana Brut, NV, Primorska, Brda
    Dveri-Pax Šipon-Furmint 2013, Podravje, Štajerska
    Gross Sauvignon Blanc Colles 2012, Podravje, Štajerska
    Klet Zorenc-Hohnjec Ledeno (Ice wine) Rumeni Muškat 2011, Podravje, Štajerska
    Krainz Šipon 2013, Podravje, Štajerska
    Marjan Simčič Opoka Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Primorska, Brda
    Marjan Simčič Pinot Noir 2012, Primorska, Brda
    Puklavec & Friends Jeruzalem Ormož, Renski Riesling 2013, Podravje, Štajerska
    Radgonske Gorice Svečnično Chardonnay 2009, Podravje, Radgona-Kapela
    Sanctum Laški Rizling ledeno vino (Ice wine) 2009, Podravje, Štajerska
  • Bronze
    Colja QV Red 2011 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Refosco), Primorska, Karst
    Dveri-Pax Sauvignon 2014, Podravje, Štajerska
    Dveri-Pax Sauvignon Vajgen 2013, Podravje, Maribor
    Krainz Traminer 2012, Podravje, Štajerska
    Marc Srečko Zelen 2014, Primorska, Vipava
    Marjan Simčič Pinot Grigio 2013, Primorska, Brda
    Marjan Simčič Selekcija Chardonnay 2012, Primorska, Brda
    Marof Chardonnay 2012, Podravje, Prekmurje
    Marof Mackovci Modra Frankinja 2011, Podravje, Prekmurje
    Mavretic Rumeni Muscat 2011, Posavje, Bela Krajina
    Puklavec & Friends Gomila, Single Vineyard Selection Furmint 2011, Podravje, Štajerska
    Ptujska klet Pullus Zvrst 2012, Podravje, Srednje Slovenske Gorice
    Ramšak Chardonnay 2013, Podravje, Štajerska
    Univerza v Mariboru Sauvignon Jagodni Izbor (Berry select) Meranovo 2007, Podravje, Maribor
    Vinakoper Capris Malvazija 2013, Primorska, Koper
    Vinakras Teran 2014, Primorska, Karst
    Vinakras Teran Prestige 2013, Primorska Karst