Wednesday’s Headlines

What is Wednesday’s Headlines?

Quite simply, it’s a collection of images taken each Wednesday that somehow relate to newspapers, submitted to Piran Café and then compiled here and published the following day.

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NOTE: February 24, 2015 – Due to other commitments, the project will be put on hold through the end of spring. Check back in May 2015 for further updates. Thanks for your understanding.
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Ultimately my hope is that this project will evolve into not only a representative survey of what’s transpiring on the globe on any given Wednesday, but also an insightful interpretation of the human relationships that still exist with newspapers in different parts of the world.

As these samples illustrate, the images can span the gamut, from snaps focusing on the day’s headlines themselves to those telling stories about the act of reading, buying and producing newspapers. The only >real< rule is that images are taken on the day.

In short, be as wildly creative or sublimely mundane as you’d like. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the project’s course changes and develops over time.


Submission details

  • Include your name and the location where the photo was taken (city, state, country). Feel free to add a few lines of text for context. (Creativity is encouraged.)
  • Include you website/blog name and URL and one social media link (if you’d like) which will be included with each published photo. If you have a Twitter account that’s not included above, send that handle as well so you can be included in the post’s promotion.
  • In a perfect world the title of the image file you send will include lots of that info, something along the lines of this: Dallas-USA-2016-02-10-by-FirstName-LastName. Or something like that. 🙂

    Weekly blogging collaboration

  • Size: uncropped, the bigger the better but please keep them under 5MB.
  • Send to: bob @
  • Absolute deadline: Thursday morning 09:00 Central European Time | CET (GMT -1). Any photos received after 9am will not be included. Earlier is always better.
  • Yes — you can participate every week.
  • And yes, feel free to spread the word.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer.

Looking forward to a small pile of headlines in Thursday morning’s mail! Have fun!

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