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Last snap of the home office, Ljubljana, 03-Jan-2013

Last snap of the home office, Ljubljana, 03-Jan-2013

A parting snap of the home office, which has served dutifully and memorably for four years, seven months and a handful of days. This is the longest I’ve lived in one place since I left home for college nearly 30 years ago. What’s playing on the screen? This Elvis Costello tune, one of my favorites, thanks to a playful prompt by Meredith/The Wanderlust Gene:

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6 Responses to " Packing it in "

  1. jcalberta says:

    that’s … very military.
    you don’t live in a prison do you?

  2. i think of your countdown often and hope that you have an amazing journey!

  3. Laughing :). Glad to see you’d almost finished the packing … and by the looks of your little trip that it’s now pretty well stored away and ready to go – oh what excitement to be about to take off on your adventure :). If we don’t hear from you before you leave, BON VOYAGE 🙂

    • BobR says:

      Thanks! It’s all coming down to the wire, but it is coming together…

      • Well, you wouldn’t want to be without a desk or your bed or a glass for too long – timing’s the thing, as in most situations in life. But I’m glad it’s almost finished and you can start to look ahead without your “things” weighing you down. 🙂


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