All the World’s a Page – 16 snaps from the El Ateneo Bookstore

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  1. I love this! I suppose you ponder the weight of anything before making a purchase! i’ve often eyed several books in my hand before buying or putting the back.

    it looks like a wonderful place to sit and absorb 360-degrees of visual interest!

    • Bookstores have always been a weakness, but I was strong here. :) Nope, I can’t buy anything. My load is already too heavy as it is.

  2. i like bookstores … i can spend quite a while looking at the books … but i rarely buy .. or read. i’m not an illiterate slob (did i spell illiterte correctly – joke) … i’m just picky. it does amaze what gets printed though. i feel the same way about movies and tv.
    … i have this vision of all these guys in suits sitting silently in a big board room. suddenly one guy jumps up and yells: “HEY ! lets make a show about a bunch of hillbillies wearing tiaras swearing at each in a kitchen !” everybody else jumps up yelling YEAH YEAH !!!
    and a reality show is born.

    • Reality Shows have been, and will continue to be, a key component of the downfall of civilization. :)

  3. Fabulous! I’ve been in a few converted cinema/ theatres but this one’s a beauty.

  4. Oh, I will have sweet dreams about this place! The book store of all book stores. I can only imagine sitting in one of the theatre boxes reading, and looking up to imagine a tango onstage.

    • It did evoke many images. Really a wonderful place.

  5. Loved El Ateneo. Didn’t buy a thing either. And my images didn’t turn out half as good :-)

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