Cerro Castillo, southern Andes, Chile
Cerro Castillo, southern Andes, Chile

Cerro Castillo, southern Andes, Chile

Moving forward*, northward, along Chile’s Carretera Austral, this is a view of Cerro Castillo from the back yard of the hospedaje where I spent two nights earlier this week. It’s near the village of Villa Cerro Castillo, about 75 kilometers south of Coyhaique, Chile. About two hours later the skies opened, bringing on a rain that lasted through the evening and much of the night.

More details on this road less traveled are forthcoming, as soon as I settle on a place to stay put for a bit. That time will be coming soon.

Photo specs: 30sec at f32 with an 8-stop ND filter, 100 ASA.

* Forward is the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. This works for me. :)

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  1. Ah, it’s beautiful! It is surely hard to keep moving on when you’re leaving behind soothing landscapes like this one.. and the one before.. and the one before… but the further north you go, the warmer the clima! z

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    • Hi Meryl – for the most part, it’s going quite well. Since Ushuaia (the end of the world in Tierra del Fuego) it’s been all buses with one exception when I hitched a ride.

    • Thanks – yes, this really was a nice spot. There’s a four-day trek that circles the mountain, but had to pass on that.

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  5. That rustic fence in the foreground gives the photo real atmosphere

    • I agree – this was a very, very nice setting.
      Thanks for visiting, VERY much appreciated!

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