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Zurich’s Radium Theatre, or Another One That Got Away – The Hunt For Long-Term Digital Storage Options

I posted this picture before a few times –my apologies to those who have grown bored with it. It’s one of my favorites because...

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August pic(k)s

You may have grown tired of seeing this last month, but I never tired of going there every day for two weeks. This is the Bird’s Nest...

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Musee Olympique Philatelic Collection

LAUSANNE — For my fellow stamp collecting fetishists, here are a few stealth shots of the Olympic Museum’s Philatelic...

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In Search of Katarina Witt at the Musée Olympique

LAUSANNE — Less than six days ago I was still in Beijing, stuffing my suitcase with Olympic t-shirts and other knickknacks, trying to...

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What do baguettes infested with mice and pregnancy have in common?

Can someone, anyone, please enlighten me? Window display for a maternity apparel shop, Zurich, 08-Sep-2007 What do baguettes infested with...

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30 Second Cheap Hotel Advisor – Lausanne

La Croisée Avenue Marc Dufour 15 Lausanne, Switzerland Stayed one night, 10-July 2007 If there’s anything cheap in Switzerland, I...

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