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FeaturedPic du Jour

Watching Over the Cologne Cathedral

Yes, that is a woman in white glancing down from the clouds....

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Pic du Jour

Ostrava Station

Trains on my mind today....

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Pic du JourSlovenia

Jesenice Station, Slovenia

Tito is still everywhere....

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Documentary PhotographyPic du JourPoland


Railway Station, Toledo, Spain: a Six Image Gallery and Guide

On the short list of Spain's most beautiful train stations....

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Bosnia-HercegovinaPic du Jour

Sarajevo Station

Sarajevo main station, 01 July 2011. ...

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Pic du JourSlovenia

Shots from a Moving Train, Slovenia

Ignoring warning signs on trains....

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Czech RepublicPic du Jour

Breclav Station

A pleasantly infectious patience....

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Pic du JourSwitzerland

Zürich Hauptbahnhof Sunset

Even train stations deserve nice sunsets once in a while....

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Pic du JourPoland

Katowice Central Station

Just about all you need to know about the central station in Katowice, Poland....

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AustriaPic du JourStreet Photography


Bolivia’s Great Train Boneyard, in 16 Photos

Trainspotters tramping through South America, take note. At the edge of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt...

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Czech RepublicPic du Jour

Pardubice Station (Pic du Jour)

One of the coolest clock/mural combos in the world....

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Crossing Borders from Ljubljana – Slovenia Rail Deals for January 2014

Belgrade from €25, Zurich, Munich and Vienna from €29....

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LJ Pic of the DaySlovenia

Ljubljana Station – LJ Pic of the Day

This is one of only two photos I took today within Ljubljana proper – this one I posted to twitter and the other to my Facebook page....

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PhotographyPic du JourSlovenia

35 Minutes at the Bohinjska Bistrica Train Station

And a quaint station it is. On this quiet, lazy and rainy fall mid-afternoon it bordered on the sublime. These were taken in late September...

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BulgariaPic du JourSloveniaTravel

A Train, a Bus and a Stolen Bike

My bike was stolen today, the third since I moved to Ljubljana. It was locked but still snatched in broad daylight, ruining what was an...

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Trains and Stations – A Fetish in Fifteen Photos

The way my mother tells the story, I was smuggled into France as a six-month old, wrapped in swaddling clothes and hidden among blankets in...

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Five Long Exposures Inside Shanghai’s Bund Tourist Tunnel

And a hideously tacky Tourist Tunnel it is. But it makes for some great photo opportunities during the course of its five-minute journey....

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Stealth mobile street shooting – lesson two (LJ pic of the Day)

I was inspired enough by my first lesson in stealth mobile street shooting last weekend to wander out for more these past few days. At top...

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